Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Operation Maila: report

Report on Operation Maila:

Captain TFAce had accepted a long and complicated contract from his agent and asked for help from his corp mates and within a couple of days - mission planning was concluded and the crews selected.

The UAERO operations fleet consisted of 'Rozen Maiden' a DRAKE-class battlecruiser, commanded by Captain Lionsan; 'Nostalgia for Infinity', an Astarte-class command ship with Votrian Alpha in command and 'Bird' a well-equipped Raven class battleship, Captain TFAce in charge. An Amarr ship of an unknown ship type class was to join the fleet but Captain Tator encountered some highly unusual gas clouds that delayed then prevented his arrival. He was kept abreast of the unfolding events over the corp communications net however.

It was with some unease that Captain Lionsan and Votrian had to now square up against elements of the Gallente Federation Navy, the contract that TFAce (and by extension UAERO) were working under was to go and blunt an aggressive move by the Gallente Federation into Caldari space. Nonetheless, the two senior Gallente corp members were aware that it was quite possible that fellow Federation members were to lose their lives before the mission was over.

TFAce had the jump co-ordinates and the fleet departed from their operational base in Reisen. The long jump led to a newly created jump gate that when activated, hurled the three ships into a new region of space and into a sizeable Gallente fleet. TFace wasted no time and made our intentions known with a salvo of missiles at two Gallente frigates.

The response by the Gallente fleet was muted however: they attacked TFAce in packets and did not bother Votrian or Lionsan until they too started aggressive action. The encounter lasted 15 minutes as the three well-armed UAERO ships decimated the Gallente fleet. The command ship improving the shield resistances and recharge rates of the other ships to a great degree and no-one was in any danger. The mission was to rescue some dozen or so rollette players.

The second mission was a courier mission in which TFAce had to transport sensitive materials to a waiting agent. The time it took for him to fly there was well spent as Votrian and Lionsan looted then salvaged the wrecks.

The third mission was in low-sec, in the Messoya system.

Local GalNet chatter indicated that Akora had a massive pirate presence, overwhelming the local Concord presence.

Votrian switched into the USS Hood, his taranis-class interceptor and took an alternative route into Messoya via the Purjola/Maila/Messoya jump gates. Careful scouting ahead allowed the Rozen Maiden and Bird to sneak into Messoya. The next mission was tougher with Votrian staying in his interceptor with his eyes peeled on the scanner for scan probes. Local had a few other pilots with an occasional spike in numbers as pirates came through from the Akora gate camp to the one at E0A-ZC.

TFAce went into the new co-ordinates and called the other ships in. As soon as Votrian came in, he targeted a Brutix-class battlecruiser and destroyed it, the tech 2 light neutron blasters ripping it to pieces. Another two more Brutix-class ships, three Thorax-class cruisers and two more megathron-battleships died under the Interceptors guns. By this time, the Gallente navy were unhappy and dispatched three Enyo class assault frigates at the interceptor. Meanwhile Lionsan and Tface were trading broadsides with the remaining Megathron and Dominix class ships. Votrian's interceptor was warp scrambled and then unceremoniously pummeled into scrap.

The Rozen Maiden and Bird completed the mission without any other problems though there was still the danger of pirates ambushing the returning ships.

Of the five part mission, the first 3 parts were completed.

Good mission guys - very good operation.

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