Sunday, July 08, 2007

Operation Moiety

UAERO is growing and maturing and this is wonderful news. A number of pilots, strengthened by the addition of friends and colleagues from other corporations.

Operation Moiety was a carrier test for the suitably qualified pilots. It was a shake down cruise as such and had me and my crew get used to the various aspects of being in a carrier. The fighters certainly are a deadly addition to the UAERO arsenal. To be a fighter pilot in a deadly templar-class fighter - it sounds so much better and more exciting than being a pod pilot.

Arzal was recently qualified as a recon pilot and duly informed me that he had generated a cynosural field. However, I could not quite figure out how to initiate a jump to him. After reading the manual and asking around, I figured it out....only to be informed that Arzal was now too far away to jump to!

I quickly looked at GalNet and found out that I didn't have the necessary skills in place! Hell no. Arzal was kind enough to move closer but alas; I foolishly did not have enough of the right fuel in place either! Not good.

I do love the fighters - they are deadly and with competent pilots hired, all now flying under the UAERO banner; I fear no-one. Except my own pride.

So what is planned for our carriers? They are not frontline ship as such; most of their value is from support but they can fight. Thinking back to our first loss with Thomas' own Archon; I should have ordered him to fight back and take some of those attackers down with him. Hindsight and all that.

Currently, I am checking up with some of my Creodron agents in Noghere and I see there is a message from an agent representing the Sisters of EVE. Might have to pay them a visit.

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