Thursday, July 12, 2007

Operation Educe

The UAERO fleet mustered around Reisen once more as Captain TFace had a number of important missions with some high standing Peace and Order agents. Most of the UAERO fleet are scattered across the universe doing their own things under the able command of their Captains but every two standard weeks, we all try to come together and help each other out and stuff more cash and stuff into the corporation coffers.

This mission had the following:

Captain TFAce in a sacrilege-class heavy assault cruiser;
Captain Mordred70 in a mighty Raven-class battleship;
Captain Arzal flying the deadly ishkur assault-frigate class ship;

Myself, I was in command of the Astarte-class command ship, 'Nostalgia for Infinity'. Fully refitted to be a deadly war machine with new warfare links installed.

It proved to be a combination of great ships.

TFAce managed to get the following agent missions:

- The Right Hand Of Zazzmatazz
- Massive attack 2x
- Infiltrated Outposts

The missions went well with the raven soaking up most of the damage; helped by my command ships's warfare links. We weren't good in salvaging though as Giant Eagle (who is a perfect Salvager) still had some business in Bawilan.

I dropped out of the last mission and went back to salvage the wrecks. Am very keen to increase our rate of rig manufacture.

All in all, a great night.

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