Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Operation Lumpen.

The UAERO battlegroup was set up in response to a number of contracts from our higher level agents. There were a number of missions assigned to us but the UAERO battlegroup was impressive: no less than four Raven-class battleship, a Rattlesnake-class battleship, a Cerberus-class and an Eos-class command ship. A very impressive lineup and the strongest fleet showing for a long time.

The group also welcomed a new pilot going by the name of 'Judas Mercy'. He came onto the voice comms and joined us with his raven-class ship.

Gang setup was a bit confusing with some quirks on who should be Boss and who is the commander. Anyway, I had to be the Commander so that others could get the shield bonuses off me.

The first set of missions had us sparring with Serpentis and Guristas in and around Reisen / Ikami / Purjola. Mordred normally went in first to tank the damage with the rest of us following closely and then firing at anything that flashed red. Arzal was in a supporting role with shield transporters and armour maintenance bots. I was in my command ship and with three shield based warfare-link modules installed; I was giving all the Caldari shield tankers welcome bonuses.

The plethora of gurista battleships and their supporting ships made my entire overview look as it had spots; so thick were they in space.

However, the mighty firepower for the UAERO battlegroup meant that all enemies were reduced to space debris in minutes. No one had brought a salvager so I decided to switch out and salvage all the wrecks: by the time I got to the locations, most were too badly smashed up to be of use.

No matter.

The mission time was 2.5hours and it was great. Hadn't had so much fun in ages. Screenies to follow.

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