Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Operation Yuletide

A run out on the test server for carrier testing and bomb runs!

A welcome return for Lionsan who announced to all that he was now qualified for bombing runs. Should be fun! I was in the 'Yorktown' Thanatos-class carrier with a full complement of Einjerlhi fighters and hangar-full eager Minmater fighter jocks.

The UAERO fleet included:

Hal, Chrimera-carrier
Votrian, Thanatos-carrier
TFAce, Damnation-command ship
Lionsan, Nemesis-stealth bomber
Arzal, Rokh and Deimos

OK some important lessons:

1. Carriers can jump through the cynosural fields but no one else can follow; even in gang. Should have known this one but it meant that TFAce and Lionsan were left stranded as Hal and I jumped!
2. Fighters are sexy.
3. Fighters can be delegated to gang members however, their ability to control fighters is limited to their drone skills?
4. Fighters can be delegated to gang members that are outside the carrier's grid but must be in same system.
5. Capital Remote Armour repairers are brilliant but they eat cap.
6. Fighters kick ass. Especially the caldari ones.
7. The Einherjl fighters looks the best however, one can even see the pilots.
8. A swarm of 20-odd fighters bearing down on a ship is enough to make anyone run for the hills. 9. For the cynosural jumpers (carriers) - you will need your racial isotope in your cargo hold.
10. The cynosural generator needs liquid ozone in their hold too.
11. Whoever generates the cyno is immobilised for ten minutes. They are very vulnerable.
12. A cynosural field automatically appears on everyone's overview and the map. It could attract all sorts of unwanted peeps. The cynosural generator will need escorts.

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