Monday, September 03, 2007

All good things

Moving to Helgatid has been a good move overall, definitely I detect an growing requirement and desire by some of the corp to do more low-sec and PvP oriented operations. I fully support this as I have (or had) a PvP bent to my play style but once I became CEO of the corporation, I had to tone down my antics as it would have backfired on the corp.

My plan (to be carried out over three months) is to build up ships and resources in our new low-sec office and start to engage more actively with pirates and their ilk. I am not actually against carrying out a NBSI policy in the belts but I do frown on podding noobs for no apparent reason. The security rating hit would also be a problem as an unfortunate podding resulted in my security status dropping from 3.5 to 1.5 in the space of one hour. Not good but I did have a fun time.

With Arnstur and other systems nearby, we can rat and undertake missions to at least fix our security rating and we also have a means of getting into the Great Wildlands and Molden Heath too. All good.

So the plan is to build up ships and resources and experience and start to engage more in PvP by involving more of those in the corp who have expressed an interest. So far, I have five who want to do this on a regular basis and using Jump Clones to make this a reality.

Our new Helgatid Office is already known as the 'Jump Clone Office' and for good reason too.

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