Sunday, September 23, 2007

Deimos has arrived

Yes indeed. My Deimos-class heavy assault cruiser has arrived in Helgatid. I love it and I look forward to using it and soon. Last night, there was a massive influx of Havoc Inc players around the known camps; and not enough UAERO online or close enough to even think about trying to engage. However, what looked like a predominately Hungarian alliance (OMEGA) arrived in force and either wanted to pirate themselves or had a mind to chase after the existing pirates. I was running missions in Taff (0.2) so was far enough away not too let things worry me but got into a fast frigate and scooted after the armada. Havoc had docked up at the bottom station in Sotrenzur but the EVE maps revealed that large gate points had numerous pod kills between Eifer and all the way down to Orfrold.

Someone was busy.

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