Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hidden Drone Complexes

Lionsan managed to scan down and discover a hidden drone complex. Some of these drones are huge and as big as battleships. They exhibited some rudimentary intelligence but not enough to fight off our ships. In only 45 minutes we had looted and salvaged a significant amount of rare alloy compound. Over time they will be collected and shipped to our factory in Bawilan. I have plans to stamp out more ships for the corporation's use.

We also went pirate baiting but Mordred in his drake class battlecruiser was probably too big a target. We should have went in with a nicely tanked cruiser. A BC bait means that we would attract too big a prey for our gang of three. Am pleased that the corp as a whole has seen the benefits of a low-sec office (as opposed to the 0.0 office we still have in syndicate) with decent rats, a nice variety of agents (L1 to L5), cosmic anomalies and even omber to boot.

However, one should not try to get too far ahead of ourselves. We need to consolidate around our new office and get enough ships and pilots down to Helga that we can make things work. Nothing worse than having pilots lose their ships and their nearest boat is over 20 jumps away!

Am missing my Astarte to be honest so must look into replacing this one as soon as possible. EMF is still on my list and I have kill rights on him; might have to get a locator agent on him soon when I know he has logged in.


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