Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hardware Failure

A gang of nine and then hardware failure scuppered what was turning out to be a great evening. Of course, looking for pirates is difficult but one must exercise patience. Difficult to set up an operation when the object of the night (outlaws) may not be around.

I do hope that over time, we have more and more pilots running missions, ratting and living 50% of their time in the new low-sec office. This increases the chance of having a decent number of corp pilots and backup if required. Nothing worse than being on your own and being ganked. Able to call in backup is a nice to have.

Ventrilo is important to us as simplu typing in the chat channel is too much effort and confusing too. However, we're slowly developing techniques and procedures to enhance our team work. Also need to look into improving gang ship setups.

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