Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Star Faction Thorax

For those who watched the tournament - you may recall the best match was Star Faction v BoB. A wave of x10 Thoraxes pwned BoB and here is the setup. Lifted from Scrapheap-Challenge.Com

Star Faction Bob-Killer Thorax

3 Heavy Ion Blasters (Faction AM M)
2 Heavy Electron Blasters (Faction AM M)

1 Sensor Booster II
1 Fleeting Web (or) Conjuctive Magnetometric ECCM I (5 webs, 5 ECCM)

1 Armor Explosive Hardener II
1 800mm Tungsten Plate
1 Mag Field Stab II

5 Vespa EC-600

I like this setup, with the ECM drones, they sacrifice a chunk of their DPS but the hope is that with a successful jam, they'll render the enemy useless. With each thorax being able to field five of these and with ten thorax cruisers - that's x50 ecm drones. Nasty and able to jam almost anything. Which is exactly what happened; the SF thoraxes jammed BoB's logistic ship so it couldn't remote repair any of it's friends. Once the thoraxes got close, they opened up and pwned.

There was no need for any tackle mods as no one was running. The ECM was there to at least ensure that some of the ships would remain jam free. Would this work solo? No, as there isn't a scramble option and the DPS is too low. However, with a gang of about x3 or more - then this setup becomes pretty viable. 15 ECM drones should be fun and able to jam a battleship or HAC thus taking it out of the equation.

About 345 DPS with good skills, one of our last minute debates was whether or not to put in Hammerhead IIs in exchange for the Vespa. However, we realized that its likely while we'd get more gank, the Guardian of theirs over time would neutralize a good bit of this DPS, and when combined with the fact we'd steadily be losing ships due to their DPS, we made the call to go ECM drones to preserve our lower DPS for longer times, and make it more effective against them by jamming their repairer and forcing their missile boats to switch to FoF and not be able to choose their primary target.

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