Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Votrian's wish list

We all have one and I decided on this, not in any particular order but here's Votrian's EVE wish list.
  1. Able to change ship colour - I want a deep blue thorax exterior!
  2. Switching between characters without exiting the game.
  3. Planetary interaction! I want to land at Mos Eisley and blast off with stormtroopers chasing me!...er wrong game.
  4. RPG & Source books
  5. EVE Novels
  6. EVE Graphic Novels
  7. EVE Artwork book
  8. EVE Ship schematics book - like the Star Wars books!
  9. A book on the History of CCP and the making of EVE Online
  10. A detailed history of the EVE Online universe. Something based on OMBEY's maps?
  11. Books on the Races, the Science, the ships of EVE.
  12. Boarding parties for taking on ships.
  13. Harvesting gas clouds.
  14. More rare ore in low-sec, may be in hidden cosmic anomalies?
  15. Get security rating increases from killing pirates.
  16. Overhaul the EVE bounty system.

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