Thursday, December 13, 2007

Myrmidon - post-nerf

Went L4 mission running with Lionsan and TFAce in high-sec; it was nice to be back in empire space for the time being. In low-sec one needs to grow a pair of eyes in the back of your head. I was also keen to try out the myrmidon battle-cruiser after the introduction of bandwidth. I had to get rid of the ogre IIs heavy drones and instead, packed it with x30 hobgoblin II drones. A big drop in DPS I think.

However, the ship performed well and to be honest, I could have take out two of the four blasters I had and replaced them with the drone mods thus increasing the range and speed of my smaller drones.

The missioning was fun and relaxing - Lionsan had found a decent L3 and L4 agent that can give out good standings to us in our continued effort to unlocking that L5 agent. So far Max is the only one who has this available with Lionsan, I believe, close to doing same. I am a long way off though.

The new look of the myrmidon is nice, very nice. For the corp members with more powerful systems, it looks like a whole new world. Lucky devils.

I am now looking at the EOS-class battlecruiser as the entire class was recalled for some urgent refits. Not too sure how this would affect the ship class to be honest, but it is a gang ship first and foremost. It should be a force multiplier and not the main damage dealer. Quite certainly, there is a move to render as many ships useless as a solo-pwn mobile.

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