Saturday, December 22, 2007

Freighter escort

Mordred70 had qualified as a freighter pilot and was eager to help the corp move a lot of hardware in the cavernous hold of the Providence-class freighter. He parked the behemoth outside our Ikami office and arranged for short-range transport craft to move practically our entire office into the hold. We also packed into it's hold a few battleship-class ships, cruiser and frigates - all reduced down into travel-mode compact version. Crew quarters stripped out, weapons removed. All to make it easier to pack.

It took almost half a day to load everything, Mordred running his logistical officers ragged with the need for constant briefs but this is Mord and he runs a tight ship. Finally, by 19:00 standard EVE Time the fleet was ready to move. The chat channel was alive with good natured banter as the fleet moved out. The ships included a Providence-class freighter (Captain Mordred70), Eos-class command ship (Votrian), a deadly missile-spewing cerberus class heavy assault ship (Captain Max), an omen (TFAce) and another Cerberus (Captain Hal) - the latter working his way from Bei towards us due to his need to avoid all engagements with the Gallente Federation.

The freighter opens up some new and interesting lines of work, no-one can doubt the capacity of such a craft and now in our possession and the ability to move huge amounts of material - we are thinking of using it as a cheap Capital industrial ship, taking in the mined ore from our barges.

The move was successful - we had one or two persons come close to us but by the third jump, we were pretty slick and moving along the pipe at speed. Within an hour, we had arrived at our destination with no problems. A successful mission indeed.

Mordred70 then turned the huge shape of the freighter towards our mining office, once he had deposited the items in the Rokofur hangar.

There are now lots of possibilities and I have two new ships to move from the new location.


mak said...

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