Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Killed a drake

Was running some courier missions in my thorax when on approaching a station, I spotted a blinking drake. The pilot was an outlaw at -5.5 and was trading shots with a small and nimble Crow. Not wishing to let such pirates practise such outrageous behaviour, I powered up my afterburner and pushed my thorax up close and hit the warp scrambler, just to be sure. My small and medium blasters chewed through the drakes thick shields quite easily and the drake pilot decided to target me instead of the small nimble crow.

My thorax easily tanked this and we killed the drake, it's shield systems overwhelmed by a combination of anti-matter rounds and whatever ordnance the crow had. Into its armour and easier still, the Drake, like all Caldari ships, are not known for their armour and thus it was on fire and spewing out atmosphere within seconds. The Drake class battlecruiser exploded and the pod came out into the open. I snagged it with my warp scrambler and podded him, safe in the knowledge that his outlaw status meant no security hit for me.

I didn't get the drake kill mail and I assumed that the crow pilot did? I convo'ed him and he tells me that he has not. Odd but not matter, I had some more hauling to do and planning for the 2008 corp ops.

Welcome to 2008!

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