Thursday, January 31, 2008

Level 5 missioning

Newer agents have been appearing amongst some of the larger corporations and it took a lot of effort, work and isk to finally set up a meeting with one of these mysterious agents. The work was interesting but we found that carriers could not access the majority of the new areas. However, once we downgraded to battleships it was game on.

The areas were in the deepest reaches of low-sec space, far off celestial bodies and navigation beacons. We found that in these areas, some of the largest and nastiest ships were located and we had our hands full tackling these ships. L4 agent missioning ships had great trouble surviving in these newer, hostile environments.

The main danger were the energy neutralising towers, able to suck the capacitor dry in seconds and rendering the ship a useless floating hunk of junk.

A passive shield setup was required but it also needed some heavy resistances too.

In the end, we gave up - after my repair bill for a heavily armoured megathron came to a total of 86million isk!

However, am hungry to get back for more.



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