Monday, February 25, 2008

New Star

A mysterious star. L5 Mission Madness

UAERO has been running combat simulation missions in order to fully familiarise ourselves with the new missions being made available. We're pretty confident that passive shield tanked ships with some logistical support (a dominix with remote shield transfers) should be the minimum. Two ships, minimum. The neutralising towers start their work from 50km away - too far for any close range gank setups to do anything about. In fact, my beloved megathron ships, all set up for short range killing will be blasted to scrap before I covered the 15km of the 50km distance to the target. A shield tanked, sniping rokh might be a good choice.

However, it is coming to the point where we are now ready to move off the simulation server and into the real thing. Many of the L5 areas are camped by pirates so this will add a new dimension to the fighting but am confident that we're prepared for it.

That Star

I spotted this a few months ago and then the astronomers went wild over it with wild theories thrown all over the place.

It isn't a super nova that's for sure. Latest theory is that it is some sort of worm hole, similiar to the EVE Gate. Maybe a natural worm hole? Others, less fanciable theories, state that this star is the herald of our doom and that mysterious aliens will come and devour us all.

Am inclined to believe the worm hole theory. I don't think that there is a cover-up of the facts but I do know people are afraid. Me, I think there's isk to be made. One a recent cargo run, I managed to take a snap shot and placed it in this blog.