Monday, April 14, 2008

Megathron HiJack

Had a call from a friend of mine that associates of his had managed to 'acquire' a megathron. In reality, my friend and his associates are pirates and had someone forced the captain of the megathron to eject, leaving the ship intact - though it was close to falling apart. The Captain didn't even bother to give an abandon ship to his crew. He just left, no doubt trying to save his precious implants.

I quickly changed ships and left my crew in a station as my pod was transferred to a shuttle and I made my way to the system. On arrival, I was vectored to the stricken megathron. It was a mess and was on fire from stern to f'o'castle. Ejecting from my shuttle, I got my pod to reintegrate with the megathron. As soon as the connections were made, I was flooded with warning lights and other indicators of the ship's impending doom. Quickly stabilising the ship, I made a broadcast to the remaining crew, urging calm and that they would be out of danger soon.

The ship was close to structural failure but I had enough experience to fix the damage and make the ship safe enough to complete a five-jump journey to a safe port.

The crew were relieved of their duties and the megathron patched up and then sold off to some shady middlemen. I got 25million isk for it.

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