Friday, April 11, 2008

Mining Haul

A quick two-hour mining sprint with Hal and TFAce and we got the above rocks. Actually, there's a bit more lurking around the inside of the iteron but not bad and time well-spent. Considering no-one in the corp is maxed out on the mining front; I think we did quite well.

The corp has been busy stamping out ammunition and drones for sale, the order books are full and the isk is coming in - not billions mind but a steady income stream. Some of us are looking at invention and the with the stack of BPCs we have; I can afford the time to see if we can pop out a marauder or two. They are nice looking ships but so expensive; almost the same price as a carrier. They will continue to be at this premium price until more producers come online to either invent them or competitively build them to order.

Anyway, back to more mining!


CrazyKinux said...

A good and profitable mining operation is always something to be proud of.

What ships do you use to do you mining? What setup?

Curious to know!

Votrian said...

Mining barges - covetors and retrievers with haulers on standby.....

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