Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Taranis - love this ship and what ships for a fleet?

In addition to the lovely Enyo picture in the previous post, I have been flying in the venerable taranis. It's not the fastest of interceptors but man, if (when) it gets close to it's target, the T2 neutron blasters will rip most things apart. I even took this ship into 0.0 and went ratting in it. Took some time to kill the larger battleships but it was a thrill. Missiles are the only problem but with the small size of interceptors, the damage is manageable. I have also managed to blast through bubbled gate camps in the taranis but it was more to be do with the poor positioning of the tackling ships than anything else. Will not be so lucky in the future.

Been looking at the calendars and have pencilled in some more corp missions into low-sec space. Specifically to improve our standings with a particular Empire corporation and also to keep all the pilot's interested in the corporation. A corporation that has been going now for almost four years. Longer than some marriages I might add and a fact that I am proud of.

For the low-sec missions and roams, I will be trying to figure out the most optimal balance for a three-ship fleet. Numbers is something UAERO doesn't have, skilled pilots though, we do. I already had a few operations, the last one had a lachesis, zealot and caracal/cerberus with us. I felt that it lacked EWAR, as 2/3 of the fleet was DPS based but with a lachesis as support - a single falcon could render the fleet dead.

I think a better mix would be a falcon, arazu and rapier? Maybe a Falcon/BlackBird, Ishtar and Curse?

It's a challenge for sure when you have a small fleet to set up. Much easier if you had a big fleet - you can rely on numbers alone to off-set any problem areas. So, what to do? What to pick?


Bri said...

For three-man roaming gangs, the ideal combo would be falcon, arazu/rapier and ishtar/vaga (for dps). I've found that the ecm is one of the most important support roles in small roaming gangs. Ofc you'll have to pick your targets.. but even just a falcon and a crow can solo ratters when that raven's jammed and tackled. GL!

Johnnie To said...

I would go for the following:


For your 3-ship gang.

Nice blog - keep it up.