Saturday, May 03, 2008

Good Links

Some cool quick links to sites I visited over the last few weeks:

I like this one: just a useful link to a bunch of fun and memorable stories --> Fitz VonHeise's links to funny / true EVE-Online stories.

Like all pilots, we love ships and there's a rare ship's gallery is here.

A guide to boosters is here, I found this an interesting article as this is one (of many) areas of New Eden that I don't know much about. It doesn't explain the procedure for booster manufacture but there's a link on my EVE Link that does.

Am a fan of podcasts and here are the sites one should go to....

Warp Drive Active. Probably the best Eve-Online podcast at the moment. WinterBlink and UrbanMongral. Give it a try.

The Drone Bay is the second of three EVE-Online podcasts under the VirginWorlds Banner. The hosts are Crovan, Alsedrech and CrazyKinux. Bloody good.

In my working professions in real-life, I deal with maps - both paper and digital and hence I have always been fascinated and excited over them and what better than have the most excellent territory and influence maps? The link is here, moderated by CCP themselves. As for the community based ones, I can not thank Ombey and his 2D maps ENOUGH. Point your browser to his map site and his equally brilliant blog.

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