Friday, October 24, 2008

Freighter Wreckage fun

Well, I do come to the aid of friends and companions and even more so when I get paid and when Flash called that he and his companions needed some hauling assistance, I undocked my industrial and ambled over to the gate in question. I was informed that I was not hostile to them and that Flash had personally guaranteed my safety.

I arrived, the industrial creaking under the strain of yet another jump, and I saw a wreck. A massive wreck spinning gently 10km off the gate. There were at least two more haulers and some interested shuttles snooping around. There was even a rifter there too. Alongside the wreck was the deadly form of a armageddon class battleship. It looked like it was involved in a fierce exchange with the rifter. I was asked to haul as much of the goods as I could and this I did. I was simply stunned at the amount of goods inside the wreck and without asking too many questions, I did what I was asked. I was being paid for this work after all and not to ask questions. It became pretty obvious that Flash and his merry band of Bastards had tackled and destroyed an almost full frieghter and all under gate fire too.

I do have some sympathy for the freighter pilot but where was his escort and why was he passing through low-sec space anyway?

My question was soon answered in Flash's own recounting of the evening's fun.

Those Bastards. I do like them.


PsycheDiver said...

Lesson is NEVER fly anything that big and defenseless without an escort.

Ombey said...

Heh heh, nice to read your side of this event- read Flash's account a few minutes ago.

I think it's dead cool he can call on you to come scoop the goodies, wonderful :)

RoninData said...

Thanks for your help again, V.

Just a few days after, someone spotted this and nobody was online:


RoninData said...

Not the best way to post a screenie :)

Flavan said...

First time I have read your blog. And I went back and read several pages. Extreme quality. I also flipped over and read Flash's account - just as interesting!