Friday, February 06, 2009

Retaken Alsavoinen

I was now staring at a shiny medal as I had been promoted to Shield Commander after a hard campaign around Southern Placid - many systems were contested and some were in danger of being vulnerable. However, I am detecting a change in the Gallente Militia as they are slowly starting to rally around some other figures and corporations who have stepped into the vacuum left by FOOM.

Over the time, I have made a network of other trusted GalMil pilots, it is taken for granted that all public militia chat channels have been infiltrated and secondary, more secretive channels have been put in it's place. It was through this secondary channel that I responded to. Without another word, I was linked into a newly formed fleet of about 35 ships and placed into a squad and awaited orders. The fleet was being assembled in a high-security Gallente area of space. Once the majority of the pilots were in place; the fleet moved - the route was long; designed to throw off any pursuers and give a false reading of our destination as half way through - the route was suddenly changed and we did an about turn and burned towards our target system. Our scouts, scattered all around the target system reported no war targets and in the next 15 minutes, the fleet was assembled and I knew our destination: it was Alsavoinon - a Gallente system invaded by the Caldari State. Tonight, we were going to take it back and we roared into this system - setting up gate camps on both sides of the gate while the main fleet of battle ship class vessels moved towards the enemy bunker and proceeded to assault it.

Within hours, the bunker's defenders gave up: the Caldari state could not get enough pilots of ships to defend this lonely outpost and we regained a second system. A third is being eyed up and preparations already being made. We're ready and we're now very hungry.

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