Saturday, March 07, 2009

The war so far

The war continues and after the euphoria of retaking Alsavoinen, The Gallente Militia lost another nine systems. The list is sobering: Ladistier, Costolle, Hevrice, Muetralle, Jovainnon, Vifrevaert, Melmaniel, Murethand and Iges. The Squiddies, much emboldened, are now pushing onto Old Man Star and Heydialies. Two core systems for the Gallente Militia. However, this has actually delighted the majority of the Gallente Militia rather than shock. To many, it means the targets are closer with less need to travel the long distances!

Thus the fundamental difference between the individualist, idealist and self-centered Gallente versus the fascist, drone-like attitude of the Caldari State Protectorate. The GalMil are still fixated on killing the enemy fascist capsuleer, the fascists however are bent on Lebensraum. Yes, the Caldari are fascists. While I have friends and acquintances who are horrified at the lurge and lurge of their Caldari State to the right; the once-noble Caldari have largely embraced the authoritarian, single-party, dictator-led state apparatus of Tibus Heth. Him and his jackbooted Templis Dragonaurs are now making a mockery of the traditional Caldari characteristics of serving the state and loyalty and hard work.

Now, defending and retaking territory is important to the war effort now. It should be important to the GalMil because it is important to the fascist squids. We should be (and have been) re-focusing on this as it affects the Squids more. The squids are determined, organised and focused on gaining ground and taking our systems. They are taking immense delight at the land grab while the average Gallente pod pilot, slouched languidly on a chair with a limp Gauloise cigarette in his hand merely shrugs and asks, "Where are the targets?"

As I ruminated last time, there are now many more GalMil pilots coming round to the fact that fighting the squiddies for our systems actually brings the fights. The fights that the GalMil so crave.

I joined a 'plex fleet around 00:00 EVE Time and was racing around re-securing the capture points, bunkers and facilities around Old Man Star and Heydiales - after a concentrated effort by the squiddies to take them during the week. Each time, our frigates engaged and destroyed or chased off the fascists; much to their chagrin. On more than one occasion, all we could hear on the GalNet channel was the fascist wailing at us to leave this system, so he could continue to capture the facilities and resources. We laughed and chased him off - what did he think we were?

Within the four hour operation, I had killed a brutix, caracal, blackbird, a couple of punishers and a few more frigates. In one memorable encounter, our fleet of eleven had taken on a fleet of twelve and destroyed their ships, for the loss of one frigate. The pod fascist fleet commander had asked, rather comically, 'we lost all twelve - how many did you lose?' to which we answered 'one....and he was already in half armour and felt sorry for you'. The quality and tactical decision making of the fascist needs some improvement when they're engaging us. However, they have been able to absorb the kills and continue to hammer away at our systems. Their goals are to take space and hold them....and this is what they're doing.

I wonder if the pod-fascists understand that ultimately, they're being used by Tibus Heth and his Templis Dragonaurs as canon-fodder? The occupation of the system doesn't (yet) alter the defensive structure of the system. Apart from near-worthless 'promotions' and medals for their work - what have they gained? The Gallente are a bit more realistic and blase about this and see the bigger picture as unless the fascists capture and control the stargates and planets; they have nothing. Meanwhile, we keep giving them a spanking and we keep losing more systems to them.

Status Quo.

As an addendum, I love the ishkur for this factional warfare. It's the best.

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Great read - FW sounds like a challenge; might have to give it a go.