Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Horizons

Reluctantly, I tendered my resignation from The Water Margin (-TWA-) and by extension, the Federal Defence Union (FDU). The militia war would continue but my own objectives had changed throughout the conflict. The fascists had 'captured' all the available bunkers that were held by the FDU and had declared victory. The FDU showed, once again, their disdain for the fascists position and continued to fight the pilots directly rather than contest bunkers that guarded non-essential environments.

However, I wanted something else and realised that my experience in the whole Faction Warfare was down to the presence of a few corporations and pilots and now, many were taking their leave of the FDU and moving on; taking pilots with them. Dark-Rising [-DARK] was one such corp and having flown with and under many of their pilots in my time at the -TWA- / FDU - I decided to follow and now found myself in Minmatar space. They have decided to join up with the Tribal Liberation Force (TLF) - and fight the Amarr slavers; so Dark-Rising and their pilots are not sick of Faction Warfare just the grind of the Gallente/Caldari war. Personally, I think Dark has their own reasons for switching and it is part of a longer term plan. I am not privvy to it but we're changing one bunch of fascists for another and I don't mind a bit.

Luckily, I worked a lot in the Heimatar region before coming back into Empire space and had many ships and equipment stored in this region of low-sec space. Moving into the new home system of Taff was relatively straight forward if not back-breaking: I don't have any jump freighters handy and had to do it manually. Very dull.

Have moved most of my gear and began to refit my ships according to the prescribed fleet setups that Mitch Taylor has laid down. Plenty of T2 goodness I see.

Anyway, a new chapter becomes - my colleague Votrian Gamma is looking after Union Aerospace though many of my dearest friends have long since left New Eden. All except TFAce who I have asked to come in and join us here at -DARK. Like I said, a new chapter and I look forward to the next installment.

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