Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dark Rising

The last few weeks has seen some epic moments: I was involved in the titantic struggle over DR's POS in Taff, this reported by ISD and yes, it was even more epic and fun than the report suggests. Have also been taking part in the Militia fleets, not much plexing but more PvP as the TLF struggles to hold back the Amarr slaver scum, now allied with the Caldari Fascists - who, fresh from 'winning' the low-sec Black-Rise area is now increasingly helping out the rascist Amarr. Bring them on I say. I can't wait.

I was mainly using my taranis for my combat patrols but had to get a new set of ships once we put up a forward base in Amamake. Got a hatful of kills but lost the taranis to a war target, smartbombing scorpion on a gate. It had eight smart bombs and I was pulverised in short order.

DR has a goal, a great leader with a strong supporting cast of directors and an energetic user base.

Enjoying it and looking forward to more fights.

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Anonymous said...

That's quite a goal DR has there....

oh wait, you meant DR has a goal _and_ the rest.